About Us

About us

Strikened by most amazing innovations and inventions in the world today, Smart Gadgets has come to offer most of these innovative gadgets for sale on our website. Smartgadgets.com.ng will bring the awesome devices to your door steps.

The organisation was founded by Olabode Osunsanya who has unflinching passion for new technologies. He is a computer programmer and astute business man.

Most of the products here will cover large areas of life ranging from security, lifestyle change and other exciting devices that will change the way we live or do things.


We Offer amazing discount and promo codes on our website to encourage our customers to keep on shopping for these innovative devices.

We offer refund or replacement as the may be for damaged items en route or entirely wrong item. You therefore have nothing to worry about.

We assist our customer with installation whereever they are having challenges. You can reach on the phone or email 24/7.

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