In the United States, it has been recorded that more than 48 million people are sickened by consuming foods contaminated with disease causing germs every year. This figure may be higher in Nigeria as  individuals pay less attention to hygiene when it comes to eating fruits. Many people eat fruits as it is purchased off seller’s shop without washing.

Peeling is a simple process of removing the outer covering of fruits and tubers. It is usually achieved manually. Nevertheless, where cleanliness, speed and effectiveness are of essence, it may somewhat become a complex task to accomplish.

Since most fruits are consumed raw, there should be an efficient way to get rid of the peels in neat and hygienic ways to make it fit for human consumption. Though, fruits have not been culpable or indicted as agents of transmission of corona virus. However, there other pathogenic organisms and viruses that can be transmitted through fruits.

An effective way to rid fruits of dangerous pathogens is by thorough and effective washing. Washing will go a long way to destroy and kill all viruses, bacteria and other disease causing agents that may easily contaminate these fruits and food items.

Often people know that animal products must be handled with care and high level hygiene to prevent some illnesses. It is also very essential to practice this same level of hygiene when handling fruits from farms. Contaminated fruits and vegetables are known to cause disease outbreaks in the United States.

Most often fresh fruits can become contaminated in many ways. Animals can cause contamination to produce during their growing phase, harmful substances in the soil or water may be another source of contamination and very poor hygiene among workers may be a critical factor too. After harvesting these fruits, it passes through many hands and processes which may also introduce germs to the fruits. There may still be chances of contamination after purchasing the fruits through improper storage and processing.

Although, it is not recommended to wash fruits with soaps, detergents and other industrial cleaning agents. Some of the cleaning agents are poisonous and the consumption lead to outright death.

  • It therefore becomes paramount to carefully prepare fruits for human consumption after purchase. The following steps are recommended for produce before eventual consumption.Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap when preparing fruits for consumption. Usually, it is good to observe this  before and after preparing fruits for consumption.
  • Cut away the damaged or bruised parts of the fruits. Do this before preparing or eating.
  • Gently rub and rinse the produce before peeling. This will ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t transferred to the fruits.
  • Soap is not recommended but rather holding it under plain running water is advised.
  • You may use a vegetable brush to scrub fruits like cucumbers and melons.
  • Dry the fruits with clean cloth or paper towel. This will further reduce or eliminate bacteria that may be present.
  • Then use our Automatic Electric Multi-Peeler which is available on our website by clicking here This is an excellent peeling tool. It ensures that germs are not transferred to the fruits and it cuts the fruits efficiently. Use this for fruits like oranges, apple, cucumber etc. There is yet another tool called Stainless Steel Pineapple Peeler. Click here to purchase.

It is excellent for peeling pineapple and removes the peels without much touching or any contamination. Then store this perishable produce in the refrigerator at temperatures below 400 C.